The best tips for your wedding ceremony

wedding-ceremonyYour wedding day is approaching and you want to prepare everything to the smallest detail. Exciting! A beautiful opening dance, delicious food for your guests, a fun photo booth at the entrance … But the fact is really about? Right, about your feelings for each other that you share during the ceremony together and your guests. We give you also like tips to make 100% your personal wedding ceremony.

Personal touch in the decoration
Choose a wedding in the church or imagine your own ceremony together? That is already a first important question before you start planning your wedding ceremony.
At a church wedding ceremony, you speak with the pastor whether your example, the arrangement of the chairs and tables may modify or flowers may bear as decoration.
In a private ceremony, you can choose an indoor or outdoor location. In California, you should always take any account of the weather and plan B’s hand just in case …
You really do not want this moment literally falling into the water.

If outdoor location is a nice park or a garden, a fantastic backdrop. You can marry the décor than something “more rural” make by working with benches for guests instead of chairs or under a beautiful tree.

Getting married on the beach also, but that is perhaps more suitable for a wedding abroad. There’s more chance of good weather.

A cozy barn can provide some decorating talent, transformed into an idyllic setting for your ceremony. So you make it a real ‘barn wedding’ of.
But basically, any location is an option for your wedding ceremony. A historic building where you use can make or a castle in the area … as long as you get there as a couple with good feeling anything is possible!

You compose ceremony
In a marriage for the church, there are some rituals which you certainly have to reckon with. These are, as it were solid building blocks for your ceremony, which already forms the basic structure. Discuss the best advance with the pastor how you can put your own touches so especially make your own moment.
To make a marriage ceremony to make to prepare you best start with a basic structure. At a private ceremony have more freedom, but also decide your best first advance a few moments around which you build up the ceremony. Once the structure is fixed, you can work out the details.
Have you not creative, then there is nothing wrong with looking for examples of other ceremonies. It does not mean you are going to copy, but you can probably pick out elements and ideas for your wedding ceremony

A unique entrance
The moment you arrive and how to do it, thus it all begins.
How you come to the ceremony? If you come together or separately? In a luxury car or a vintage car or why not, a bicycle …
Choose the tradition where the father gives away the bride and groom arrives with his mom. But it can obviously be different … Why not couple walk into the church or ceremony?
Or why not the ceremony in dance?
Also nice is that all that spirit is ensured by who leads the ceremony, just before you make your entrance. That immediately gives a very nice start to your special moment!

Insert personal lyrics
When your marriage is about your feelings for each other. Provide a very personal message for each. From here, take your time, keep a notebook handy where you can score in between great ideas and puzzle than a beautiful declaration of love for your partner together.
But testimonies from friends, siblings, parents … make your very special ceremony. You can ask them in advance to think in advance about this. But what is also nice, is to let them all when entering an answer to some questions to process that immediately in the ceremony.

Down to the smallest detail
If all the decorations and for your ceremony texts are ready, it’s time for the extra details that make your personal wedding ceremony. You impose accents that you find important.

The bridesmaids
Or do you already have children or little darlings of can invite friends or family, they bring a playful accent to your ceremony? They come with you inside, ensuring the best for the rings and may also provide for an endearing smile when something is not going according to the book.

Alternative ring bearer
Bridesmaids are not always a must … your four-legged friend can for example also be a perfect ring bearer. He or she will also receive a special role in your special moment.

Music please
The choice of music is not only at the opening dance of interest. Also, upon entering, during and at the end of the ceremony, you need your own playlist. Let here in your own preference certainly appear, so you avoid clichés and give you anything more pizzazz.
Personalized ceremony booklet

During a celebration in the church or not is a personal ceremony booklet definitely a must! You give those present that way with the guidance of your wedding rentals ceremony. With a personal photo on the cover and inside your personal lyrics, this is a gadget attached to your biggest fans.

Picture time!
The photographer your wedding celebration should establish in detail, speaks for itself. Definitely, go with him or her as the scenario of your ceremony so that he can make the right shot at the right time. Also, a nice photo with family and friends is a must after the celebration! All intimates are indeed present at such a moment, and you definitely want to go on the picture! During the party, and the reception is often difficult to get them together for a nice shoot!

A first toast
After the celebration, which establishes an emotional moment for you and your close family, it is an ideal time equally to raise a glass. Make sure there is a drink ready when leaving the room or the church. That may be a glass of champagne, but it does not. A cocktail, a gin with a winter wedding … where you feel like at that moment!

A small gift
Thank your guests for their participation and their presence with a small gift. So they have a beautiful memory of this wonderful moment. A cute candy bag with a picture of a cube box with a candle for example. But also a CD with the songs of your ceremony is among the options! Packaged in a personalized case, you are also a gift to tell you!


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