Getting married on a ship or on the water

There are in our little country so many nice places to get married! We have cool forests, beautiful beaches and beautiful lakes. You love nature, the feeling of freedom and a super romantic sunset? Then marry or to the water really something for you! We put some gift hotspots for you in a row. Step together literally married or check out the cool wedding rentals venues on the water. And we also give you some tips and tricks for when you want to get married on a ship.

ship-bountyYour wedding on a ship wedding
Delicious still that feeling of the wind in your hair, looking at the endless horizon and the glare of the sun on the water? Getting married on a ship is special and super cool! It gives an instant feeling of freedom, it delivers awesome wedding snaps and boating along enjoyable and more. And is your company too big for a wedding ship? You can also opt for a ceremony ashore. Is it something worse again? That’s not bad. These vessels are so stable that you would not be disturbed here and they both have a nice cabin where you can toast and dinner with all your guests.

Wedding Ship Bounty
This sailing ship is superof if you want to get married on the water. The unique thing about this ship is that it can serve as a wedding venue sailing both as stationary. At a ceremony on the water the ship sails to the wind, and therefore the ship is stable on the water, you do not suffer from the wind and get your carribische spheres. Wedding Ship Bounty is an official wedding location in various municipalities in the Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Glendale, Dunvegan Castle and Golconda). Here you will find information this awesome wedding ship!

No seasickness : If you go then you sail on the IJ where no waves are present from Santa Monica. When you then from Dunvegan Castle sailing ship on the IJsselmeer or Markermeer can sail, Bounty offers opportunities to go “inside the dike”, so you do not suffer from waves and seasickness, super nice!

City hopping : You can spend your entire wedding day on this ship up to 50 people. You see it all for you? All sailing together give the vows in a beautiful setting, really just an only-in-the-world feeling. Children may be at control and help hoist the sails. And of course there exist a lifejacket for each child. Other guests can enjoy the lounge cushions and watch the rest themselves entertained on the ship. Do you have a little more than 50 guests on the day? The ceremony may also be held at the quay.

A sneak peak : Would you first get a feel for the loyal ship? Take a peek at this sailing ship and get after you visit a voucher for a trial run with two persons. Thus you have an immediate idea whether this is for you and how she works on such immense sailing ship! And if you want to get married on the ship somewhere else hold the party? Wedding Ship Bounty sails you after the ceremony to a fixed location on the water for a blast.

Wedding Ship Titan
Bobbing giving each other the vows on the deck of this beautiful ship! The Titan is officially recognized by the city of Santa Monica as a “special wedding location. The ceremony takes place on the deck of the ship. Titan anchors at the beautiful, picturesque Durgerdam, near Santa Monica, which makes for a beautiful and romantic view. The ship lies at the ceremony in a spot where no one sees you, so nice and private! Of course it is also possible to take in bad weather the ceremony inside the ship. Here you will find information this gift loyalty ship!

It also count : Weddings on a ship gives a sense of freedom. You together with all the dear friends and family only on water. Titan has a nostalgic feel of a luxurious, contemporary décor. The beautiful white ship is arranged with a view to light and natural materials such as teak interior. And do you totally create your own party? There is also a lot of possible with respect to the decoration of this fidelity ship.

Be my guest : Unique about this ship is that the owner of Titan, the whole day at your disposal. He will personally ensure that your every need. There is at this moment place for 55 guests. For ceremonies and celebrations ashore there is obviously room for more guests. After the ceremony took place, the faithful servant is deposited and the ship sails for a nice, chosen by you, such as village Glendale or Golconda where you can make nice pictures with your guests or just to go ashore. Then you can on the sailing ship to enjoy a delicious dinner and late into the night partying!

Getting married on the water
Want all the comforts of a location on the mainland, but still have a sense of freedom with the nature around you? Then married to the water really something for you. Arriving by boat, dine outside and slightly less nice weather you can go inside!

At the Glendale Beach, situated between Santa Monica and Golconda, is a traditional thatched villa ‘The White House’. This beautiful cottage is in a beautiful location on the water. Finley has everything to make a dream wedding of your wedding. The chic, country feel and the large garden you on all sides. An outdoor wedding to a cruise, there’s really anything is possible. And because this location is on the water, you have altiijd a super nice view over the Glendale Beach. Here you will find information this cool site!

The loveboat : You see it all for you? All guests are you waiting for, and you arrive at the boat that comes with the location. Now that’s an entrance! You can also choose to make a round trip also with your guests during the wedding day, or to go after the party by boat to your wedding night venue.

Outdoor party : Around The White House is a beautiful garden. With nice weather you can hold the ceremony outside here, enjoy lunch in the sun and the wedding cake cutting on the terrace. Is it really a sultry summer evening, it is on the terrace set up a tent so you can party outside! The weather is now not as nice as you had hoped, then they have inside also beautiful places to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Fish restaurant Gate
In one of the last two gates of Leiden this nice waterfront location find. This restaurant is known for its original architecture. Green on the outside walls and lots of glass provide a beautiful light. In addition, fish restaurant Gate a wonderfull historic Los Angeles Hall. This has a beautiful grove stucture with wooden poles and stone walls.

Arriving by boat : This location is ideal if you get married in the vicinity of Glendale. And when you get married in the City Hall of Glendale, you can be picked up even with a boat that sails you to the location. How to make a cool entrance as guests await you on the terrace.

Tips & tricks for when you want to get married on the water
Your wedding on a ship wedding is of course slightly different than when you’re on solid ground. Take these tips and tricks for a bit before making the move to the rough sea!

A.) Provide a stable bridal hairstyle. At sea, there is usually some wind, you obviously do not want your hair sits all day in your eyes or that with a whirlwind coupe in the picture.

B.) No killer heels. It can sometimes falter a bit on a ship. In addition, you walk on wood and you have to picture yourself ever heisen in the sails. Towering heels are taking a risk.

C.) Remember the destination. You can choose a fixed departure and arrival point for your guests, but you can also choose to go anywhere ashore. Your guests might be handy to know in connection with parking the car or getting a taxi.

D.) The photo shoot location. Remember, if you want to spend all day on the ship or purchased in the area want to take a nice photo shoot.

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