Make your Halloween party a success

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We have some great ideas for you to put a row, to make a success of your Halloween party.

1) Get you the biggest pumpkin that you can find him completely hollow out and fill it with ice and cool drinks. If that is not ice cooler … Want more effect? Then put down the pumpkin, a glow in the dark stick your ice bucket and get a spooky tan.

2) Do you have old glasses, you can use it, but you can also just take a look at a thrift store or at a flea market, to make this Halloween special glasses. Just a layer of glass paint to expire, dry and you have uniquely themed glasses.

3) Go for a Halloween Party in one main color theme. In the example used was purple and black as the main color. Everything was put in a black and purple jacket, until the muffins increasing. Glitter Spray was here, among other things applied to the base of the glass and candles. Success with this Halloween party in style.

4) Create glitter mats (smearing glue on parchment paper, glitter over it, let it dry and remove mold behold cottage garden tree).

5) Create mummy snack bowls made by wrapping them with context and provide them with fake eyes. Nice detail on the festive table … You can fill them with candy, but you also can tealights places.

6) The following hilarious quartet can also be at the party table Cut a pumpkin’s mouth and insert a fake teeth (found in every carnival shop). The eyes can also cut out or just Adhesion:. Here, were used for this purpose red berries.

7) Do you want a party in Harry Potter style? Then make floating candles: use the empty roll of paper towels. Stick them around fake tea lights with batteries, paint white and hang on to nylon wires over the festive table or buffet. Awesome!

8) Give candles that little bit more Halloween effect, by a red candle, make candle wax over a white candle walk. Almost real!

This and many more fun ideas to make a real theme party with a Halloween party, you will find: Local Events Rental. Serving both Glendale and Los Angeles area with our party rental supplies.

Useful Supplies for your Los Angeles Party

Visit us online or call us at 323-539-3216 for a free advice : chairs, tables, dance floor, tents, lighting, heating, and even utensils! You can also click on our rental inventory and get some ideas for your event. You can also check our events photo galleries, we can guide on how to make your perfect party.

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Local Events Rental provides equipment and services for all types of party events: dance floor, weddings, birthday, tents, tables & chairs, and corporate functions. Call us at (323) 539-3216 today!
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