A trendy garden party organizing you do so!

ice cubeThe mercury starts to rise, the charts are occupied by summer songs and everybody comes back on the street. High time to organize a stunner of a garden party! In addition to good weather and funky tunes course, there are some essentials to make your garden party the party of the year.

Preparing Events…

The first question you should ask yourself is how big you want to tackle it? Want one big neighborhood party of it or do you want a nice party with some friends? This obviously determines what to eat, how many invitations you need to send, how many chairs and plates you must provide, etc.

If we can give you a first tip: Need nearest neighbors. So you do not quit the party early by noise. Prick a date, notify your neighbors and invite your guests. Also take your garden in progress. Remove weeds, trim the hedges on and so forth. You will receive your guests yet not in a dirty house? The same goes for your garden.

Atmosphere in the garden!

The nice thing is that you have a garden party from noon till evening (late) can stay in the air. When moreover nightfall you can enjoy a free sunset! But do not cross the garden spots to just enjoy the soft glow of your home-made jars glow!

All you need for this are glowsticks (three per jar), a lot of trophies and some tulle. Stop in each jar a piece of tulle and take it then the glow sticks at. Plug the end into the bowl and cut a piece off. Please note that the content does not splash on your clothes. Drain then 3 glow sticks in the jar and close the jar back off. Repeat until you have enough jars to spread in the garden. Once it starts to shimmer, ensuring the jars for a magical effect!


garden party rentalsObviously something is eaten and drunk at a garden party. With delicious grilled on the barbecue, you can not do wrong and stimulate your senses right away! In addition, sangria also been a traditional but highly valued “guest” at our garden party. Could it be more original? Opt for gin & tonic. Gin and tonic is currently a real high flyer. You have a lot of different brands and flavors that you can combine. You can organize a tasting where everyone makes their own cocktail. Or go straight for a real cocktail bar where everyone can mix their own drinks!

ice cubeAnd do not the ice! Your refrigerator to drag the garden is not an option and continuously and forth all either. Get in your grocery store a large bag of ice (blocks) and fill a wheelbarrow, a sandpit, a vessel with ice … and you’re done! You have your own hip cooler. Fill further with your fruity and colorful ice cubes. All that you have to do is stop pieces of fruit or flowers in ice cube trays and let freeze overnight. Super nice and mostly original!

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